Oakham Surgery would like to encourage people who do drink alcohol to do so within safe limits. If you feel that you have you have a problem with alcohol, we would like to help. You can be referred to local services for advice about your drinking and ongoing support if you wish to cut down. Please ask any doctor or nurse about this service

Asthma Clinic

This is a nurse led clinic with the aim being to help you to understand your condition and manage it effectively. We will call you for an annual review, but will also see you at other times if your condition is difficult to manage.

Automated Arrivals Touch Screen

To avoid waiting at reception, we offer our patients an automated touch screen check in service. Please ask at reception should you require assistance.

Blood Tests

Things to know about your test

Request form: This is given to you when you see your GP or at an outpatient appointment at hospital. It is essential you bring this form with you to have your blood taken.

Fasting and Times Tests: Some tests need to be taken at a special time of day (for example certain drug tests) or when you are fasting. You should be advised of this when the form is given to you.

For fasting blood tests you should not eat or drink (except for water) 12 hours before your blood is taken.

Results: Tests are sent back to your doctor. Most tests are available within a working day and most results are received electronically. Some tests can take longer, especially if they have to be sent to another laboratory. Your GP or doctor at the hospital can advise you on this.

Blood Pressure Clinic

Any patient wishing to have their blood pressure checked can in the waiting room and hand it into reception. If your blood pressure is not within the required target a healthcare assistant will offer you an appointment before monitoring.

Cervical Screening Clinic (Smear Test)

This test is carried out by the Practice Nurses, to detect disease of the neck of the womb (cervix), including changes that if untreated could lead to cancer. It could help save your life. We strongly advise that all women between ages 25 – 50 have a smear every 3 years and from 50 – 64 every 5 years, as recommended by the National Screening Programme.  Women who are due for their next smear should receive a letter advising them to make an appointment for their next smear.

Child Health Surveillance Clinics

All babies are enrolled into the Child Health Surveillance programme and are seen regularly for health checks by members of Health Visitor’s team, both from Sandwell and Dudley PCTs.

Childhood Immunisations Clinic

Childhood immunisations are by appointment with Practice Nurses. Parents will be notified when their child is due and are asked to make a convenient appointment via reception.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Clinic
Incorporating Spirometry Lung Function Testing

This is a nurse led clinic with the aim being to enhance the lives of those living with the chronic condition, through effective treatment and education. We also carry out diagnostic lung function testing.  If you have any problems in-between your reviews, please contact the COPD nursing team on 0121 502 9123.

Counselling Service

This service is provided at Oakham Surgery after referral by your doctor. This service is managed and run by Sandwell Mental Health Team.

Diabetic Services

Oakham Surgery has a pro-active and dedicated diabetes, nurses and healthcare assistants team. The aim of the team, together with patient’s commitment, is to establish and maintain excellent diabetic care and to protect patients against the long-term complications of diabetes.  All patients with diabetes will be invited to an annual check where issues such as blood pressure control, blood sugar control, lifestyle advice, foot screening, eye screening, blood test results and general well-being will be discussed. Medications will be reviewed and plans for blood and urine test monitoring made. The diabetes specialist nurse is available for advice and guidance, via appointment, between annual reviews and especially for those who are on insulin treatment. Please ring the surgery to arrange a review.


The dietician holds a clinic every month. If you need to see a dietician, the Doctor will refer you.

DMARD Clinic

Oakham Surgery have a dedicated team consisting of a GP, practice nurse and healthcare assistant, who provide monitoring for patients who are on Disease Modifying Drugs (DMARDs) such as; Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine etc for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The patients who have been taking these drugs for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or for any other conditions are eligible to join this clinic for regular blood test monitoring.We communicate regularly with the hospital rheumatology team if we have any concerns about patient’s condition, medications or blood results. All patients continue to attend their routine appointments with consultants for review of their arthritis.

ECG Clinic

The ECG clinic is held  for routine investigations. All patients with suspected hypertension will be referred to have an ECG before starting treatment. Your doctor may also refer you to this clinic for an ECG to investigate any other conditions e.g. irregular heart beat.

Elderly Health Checks

Elderly health checks are for patients aged 75 and over. A 35 minute appointment can be booked with the Specialist Nurse Practitioner. You will be given the opportunity to have routine tests performed, such as blood pressure, weight, urine test for diabetes and infection plus a medication review. The Specialist Nurse Practitioner will also discuss any matters that may be concerning you. If you are unable to get to the surgery due to medical problems, we can offer this service in your home

Flu Vaccination

Influenza immunisation is recommended for patients with heart, lung and kidney disease, diabetes, residents of nursing homes and patients aged 65 years and over. Please contact reception in September for details on booking an appointment. If you are unable to attend the Surgery, a home visit can be arranged.

Hypertension Clinic

Patients who are diagnosed with high blood pressure are advised to attend this nurse led clinic every 6-12 months to monitor their blood pressure.  Appointments booked via reception.

Learning Disability

Patients with learning disabilities (and their carers) are offered an annual health review with Lynn Smith, Specialist Nurse Practitioner. General advice is given plus referral to specialist services if appropriate.

Maternity Care

All doctors offer maternity care. Our antenatal clinics (run with the midwives) are held twice a week. Please make an appointment with the Doctor in a normal surgery first. We also offer to see all our postnatal mothers at the 6-8 week child health surveillance check.

Minor Surgery

Minor procedures, such as removal of small cysts, injections to ease painful joints etc., can be performed at the Surgery on Friday evenings. Please make an appointment with the Doctor to discuss this.

Non-NHS Services

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Examples include the following:

  • Medicals for pre-employment, sports and driving requirements (HGV, PSV etc.)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Passport signing
  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad
  • Private sick notes
  • Vaccination certificates

The fees charged are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested scales and our reception staff will be happy to advise you about them along with appointment availability.

Palliative Care Service

Oakham Surgery understands the importance of care for terminally ill patients If a patient has a terminal illness, a named doctor will take charge of their care and arrange regular reviews. The practice has strong links to the district nursing team, as well as local hospices and other organisations, which can provide help to those with a terminal illness.

Sickness Certificate

A sick note is not needed if you are off work for less than seven days (including the weekend) – this period is covered by a self-certificate from your employer. You will need to see the Doctor if the absence is for longer or if your employer requires a private certificate, for which a charge is payable.

Smoking Cessation Adviser

A smoking cessation clinic is available for patients who want to stop smoking. Please book an appointment via reception or speak to a nurse or doctor.

Test Results

For test results please contact the practice and a member of our team will advise you if any further action is required.

Travel Health – Risk Assesment Clinic

Due to the increasing complexity of travel plans and the health needs of patients, we offer, within a travel clinic appointment, a travel health risk assesment. This takes into account all health risks and not just what vaccinations may be required.

To enable the assessment to be conducted in a safe, practical and timely manner, appointments for the risk assesment should be made at least 10 weeks before the planned departure dates.

The reasons for this are:

Vaccinations may need to be ordered in
A course of vaccinations can take up to 6 weeks to be completed
Complex travel plans may require specialist advice
Patients with complex health needs may need input from consultatnt or expert advice

Short Notice Trips

When patients take short notice trips booked within 4 weeks of departure, it may not be possible to offer the risk assessment and the patient will be advised to seek another provider for advice. If an appointment is available in a clinic, then a risk assessment may be undertaken be we may not be able to offer all the vaccinations that are required.

To book an appointment for a travel health assessment:

  1. Contact us via telephone or come into the surgery
  2. Download from this website or collect from reception the travel risk assessment form.
  3. Complete this form and bring it with you to your appointment

Please be aware that some vacciniations incur a charge
Details can be found on the ‘Travel Clinic Charges’ form – we cannot provide these vaccines until payment has been received.

Travel clinic patient information letter
Pre-Travel Assessment Form
Travel Clinic Charges

Weight Control Clinic – Mytime Active

Mytime active offer lifestyle advice and guidance within a clinic setting and will refer on to the required pathway. Please book an appointment via reception or telephone 0121 366 0966 or visit

Well Baby Clinic

Routine development assessments are carried out at the Surgery at eight weeks by appointment.

Year of Care

This is a nurse-led clinic for patients with 2 or more chronic conditions, where they can attend for one appointment and have all of their conditions monitored. This ensures your care is delivered at one appointment.