Oakham Patient Group

The Oakham Patient Group meets regularly and provides a forum for patients of Oakham Surgery to discuss aspects of care and services.

Meetings are chaired and run by patients.

Agenda items are suggested by patients and the group provides valuable feedback to help improve services at Oakham Surgery.

The group is invited to comment on aspects of the service or proposed changes considered by Oakham Surgery.

The group discusses local and national health issues.

The group also considers ways to raise awareness of health issues.

Oakham Patient Group is keen to welcome new members. Come and join us and share your opinions!

Details of the next meeting at:
Oakham Surgery
213 Regent Road
B69 1RZ
Can be obtained by contacting the Outlet Operations Manager Lisa Morrall.

If you would like to attend or would like to be part of the Oakham Patient Group and receive e-mail updates of issues discussed and minutes of meetings, please contact the Outlet Operations Manager Lisa Morrall on 01384 458968.


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