Clinical Pharmacists: Helping to improve access to appointments

We are delighted to announce that Your Health Partnership has been granted funding until the end of June 2017 to help us to improve access to GP appointments.

By analysing our appointment data, we have identified that a significant proportion of GP time is devoted to dealing with questions from patients about their medication. 

So, until the end of June 2017, if you need help with your medication, including:

  • advice on how to take your medication
  • possible side effects or interactions with over the counter medicines
  • prescribing of an acute medicine that is not on repeat
  • medication reviews
  • switching medication
  • prescribing of medication following a hospital discharge

you can make a telephone appointment with one of our two excellent Clinical Pharmacists, Stacy Kelly and Ameek Bhogal; Clinical Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals who are experts in all sorts of different types of medicine.

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